Decode Your Family Story

Your family story is encoded in your DNA. TribeCode Ancestry Test uses the most advanced DNA sequencing technology to reveal the DNA that links you to your ancestors.

Genomics, the science of understanding DNA, will someday transform all aspects of life. Genomics education begins today with TribeCode.

Over 100 Times More Genome-wide Data

TeloYears is the world’s first genome wide DNA ancestry test that leverages next generation sequencing technology. This advanced technology enables collection of over 100 times more data than any other DNA ancestry test on the market, resulting in more robust data without revealing sensitive health related regions of the genome. You don’t have to be a population geneticist to know what that means to the accuracy and richness of your ancestry information.

The Only DNA Ancestry Test with Built-in Privacy Protection

We know that personal privacy is very important. You may have heard of privacy issues at other companies. We understand that a major controversy with consumer genomics is the danger of sensitive and private information being exposed, made public, or misused causing harm. That’s why at TeloYears, we have developed a proprietary method that reveals your ancestry information without compromising your private medical information such as disease risk. In fact, even if raw sequencing data was accidentally exposed, no meaningful disease information could be derived from it.

Future Proof

Other tests on the market use 10 – 20 year old technologies such as genotyping and PCR, which provide limited information, and the results are not compatible with genome sequencing technology. You may find yourself wondering why they don’t discover things you already know about your family history. With TeloYears’ next generation sequencing technology, you get both more and future-compatible data. New scientific discoveries will be based on the same advanced technologies that we use. You don’t have to worry about your TeloYears data becoming obsolete.

Maternal Ancestry Fully Decoded

TeloYears sequences your full mitochondrial DNA, giving you the most comprehensive and accurate maternal lineage information possible. In fact, with TeloYears, you can learn where your mitochondrial DNA places you on scientifically hypothesized branch points of human mitochondrial lineage as well as enable you to create your own maternal lineage group with your extended family.

First East Asian Ancestry

More than 1.5 billion people live in East Asia. That’s about 38% of the population of Asia and 22% or over one-fifth of the global population. However, compared to European ancestry, East Asian ancestry is substantially understudied and as a result, other commercially available ancestry tests do not provide detailed East Asian ethnicity information. TeloYears offers the finest resolution East Asian ethnicity composition profile. Not only can you learn the percentage of your DNA that reveals Chinese or Japanese ancestry, you can discover your Han, Miao, Tujia, She, Naxi, Tu, Daur, Hezhen, Mongolian, Oroqen, Xibo or Lahu heritage.

Celebrate Your Jewish Ancestry

Are you Jewish? Suspect that you have Jewish roots? TeloYears can determine Jewish ancestry based on your DNA. We can identify your Jewish genetic history from paternal and maternal relatives and determine the percentage of your DNA you inherited from Jewish ancestors.

Find Your Place in the World

TeloYears’ DNA Diversity Space graphically displays how you are similar to and different from your friends. Humans share 99.9% of their genetic code, meaning we are all very similar. Also, all currently living humans share a common maternal ancestor and a common paternal ancestor, meaning we are all related at some branch point on the tree of humanity. On the other hand, the 0.1% difference in our DNA makes us all unique. Really makes us appreciate the beauty of diversity.

Visualize Your Beautiful Genome

We offer Chromosome Painting, a visual display of your ethnicity composition at the chromosome level. It’s a unique and individual portrait depicting the ancestral story woven into your DNA. Because TeloYears sequences at least 12 million markers in your genome, over 100 times more than any other ancestry test, you can examine your chromosome portrait in much finer detail. You can zoom into each segment of each of the 22 chromosomes. For fun you can even see which parts of the world, your ancestral heritage, could be influencing your capabilities, e.g. athletic potential.

Insanely Simple and Fun

Next generation sequencing and data analysis involve cutting-edge sophisticated technologies. At TeloYears, we’re committed to presenting relevant information to you in an intuitive, visually appealing user interface, so you don’t need a PhD in genetics to understand your ancestry. We use 3D animation and map integration, all without proprietary and memory-consuming technologies such as Flash®, so you can enjoy your ancestry information on any modern browser.

Multidimensional Ancestry

If you double the number of ancestors in each generation, 2 parents, 4 grandparents, and so on, you can see that you potentially have 1024 ancestors in the past 10 generations. Now imagine going back 200,000 years! All those ancestry information encoded in your gene can easily be overwhelming. Multidimensional Ancestry is TeloYears’ attempt to piece together each data point (dimension), such as ethnicity composition, maternal lineage or paternal lineage, and present them in a coherent picture (multidimension), so that you can “triangulate” and make sense of all the information in a holistic way.

Top Quality Service - Used by Scientists to Cure Cancer

Since 2009, Centrillion Biosciences has been developing advanced genomics technologies and providing cutting edge sequencing services to all sectors of the research community, including top institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, UCSF, and Columbia University. These projects continue to inspire and magnify our enthusiasm for the potential of the genome to enhance and improve life. TeloYears guarantees the same top quality to offer you the best DNA ancestry service possible.


Genomics is transforming all aspects of our lives, including green technology, agriculture, nutrition, and ultimately health care. Genomics education is important for everyone, not just scientists. TeloYears is developing educational materials to support teachers assigning family tree projects, as well as genomics and genomics technology education in elementary, middle, and high school curriculum.
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