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What is the TribeCode DNA Ancestry Test?

Each generation of your ancestors passed along their unique combination of DNA sequence, which culminated in the DNA that you have in almost every cell in your body. At TribeCode we compare your DNA sequence to the regions of the human genome that distinguish 62 global populations. The TribeCode DNA Ancestry Test can tell you which global populations are represented in your DNA and will estimate how long that DNA has been carried along in your ancestral lineage.

How does the TribeCode test work?

First, you collect a small amount of saliva using the TribeCode collection and preservation kit that we send to you. When we receive your sample, the DNA is isolated, sequenced and matched to the DNA sequence in our database representing 62 different populations worldwide. Because all humans share 99.9% of the their DNA sequence, the portion of the DNA distinguishing populations is relatively small so we analyze at a very detailed level to power accurate ancestry analysis. We also analyze the entire sequence of your mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). This DNA is passed from mothers to their children, males and females. For men, we also sequence their Y chromosome to determine paternal ancestry. We deliver your ancestry results in a fun, interactive, web- accessible report.


Most advanced technology and quality control

TribeCode DNA ancestry services are powered by recently developed technology enabling accurate, affordable, and easy to use ancestral analysis. By leveraging these improvements in laboratory chemistry and state-of-the-art Illumina sequencing technology we are able to produce high quality, high-coverage data. Our pre-analytical and analytical laboratory protocols incorporate standardized performance evaluation and quality control metrics. TribeCode’s post-analytical methods implement validated statistical and computational approaches co-developed with experts in population genetics research.

Your privacy and security

The TribeCode assay is designed to use DNA sequence from regions of the genome that distinguish global populations. Unlike other ancestry tests, we don’t use single nucleotide variant detection, which may reveal disease risk information. Also, because we sequence the entire mitochondrial DNA that could reveal disease risk, we destroy mtDNA sequence data once we’ve uploaded your ancestry results.

Your TribeCode web account provides secure and easy access to your information, with the highest levels of trust and security. The website secures your private information using Norton's SSL Certificate. Information exchanged with any address beginning with https is encrypted using SSL before transmission. The website is regularly scanned for vulnerabilities and malware.