About Us

The explorers at Centrillion Biosciences® created the TeloYears DNA Ancestry Test as a way to share our excitement about the genome. Genomics, the science of understanding DNA, the code of life, is transforming lives in medicine, nutrition, energy production and even social relationships. However, we realize that issues such as privacy and meaningful interpretation of DNA data are very real and need to be resolved. Many consumer genomics companies do not use the most advanced technologies and have not put privacy first in the design and implementation of their offering. We believe that everyone should be able to Experience the Genome without having to worry about revealing private health information. Since 2009, Centrillion Biosciences has been developing advanced genomics technologies and providing cutting edge sequencing services to all sectors of the research community, including top institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, UCSF, and Columbia University. These projects continue to inspire and magnify our enthusiasm for the potential of the genome to enhance and improve life. While we continue to help scientists solve life’s many mysteries, we also believe that it’s important for everyone, not just scientists, to understand and utilize the power of genomic technologies. TeloYears originated from a group of scientists at Centrillion Biosciences tackling these issues to find a way to share their excitement about genomics with others. We’re delighted to share TeloYears DNA Ancestry Testing, designed and developed with the highest level of privacy protection built into the DNA sequencing technology itself.

Be an Explorer. Experience the Genome.